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          Home > Company Video > Automatic Elastic Joint Sewing Machine
          Sewing Machine,Cutting Machine ,Garment Machinery,
          Automatic Elastic Joint Sewing Machine
          Video Introduction:

          FOXSEW Automatic Elastic Band Joining Machine, Automatic Elastic Band Loop Joint Sewing Machine Unit

          FOXSEW Automatic Elastic Ring Joint Sewing Machine, automatic measurement, automatic cutting, automatic sewing, high production efficiency, reducing the operation of the professional skills requirements, Reducing the labors required for elastic cutting and joining, a non-skilled operator can operate 4-6 machines independently. Stable sewing size can improve the efficiency of elastic joining. To minimize the waste of raw materials, increase the production output and quality.

          Working Video: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/automatic-elastic-tape-joint-sewing-machine-1393.html

          Features: High Speed, Logo Sensor, Shape Device, Different Size, Joint Sensor, Elastic Collection, High Efficiency, 1 machine equals 5 labors, Bottom thread sensor, Ultrasonic cutting, width up to 10cm.