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          China Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine,Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine Manufacturer
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          Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

          • Product Name:  Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine
          • Model NO.:  FX6-2
          • Origin:  Zhejiang,China
          • Packing:  Wooden Case
          • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
          • Product Details:  Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

          FOXSEW Single Head Computerized Quilting Machine

          Working Video 1: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/single-head-computerized-quilting-machine-198.html

          Working Video 2: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/computer-quilting-machine-204.html

          Working Video 3: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/single-head-computerized-quilting-machine-414.html

          Uses: Quilt, coverlet, bedcover, sponge, mattress, leather and so on.


          • The head moves along X axis, and the frame moves along Y axis.
          • Work efficiency is double the single head quilting machine.
          • Each head can work independently.
          • Using special technology, the quilt can't be broken.
          • Using four servo motors.
          • Using good quality hardware and software, the right-angle, sharp-angle and circle can be well quilted.
          • 15" color monitor, Chinese or English character, on which pattern, stitch distance, current stitch, rotation speed can be displayed.
          • Using industrial mainboard, Floppy disk and USB disk can be employed to input patterns.
          • Use the world’s most popular Tajima(dst) format pattern design files.
          • Upper thread breakage detection system: when the thread breaks, machine would stop.
          • Quilting pattern storage: about 200 patterns kept in the computer, also can be read from floppy.
          • Zoom the pattern by 1 cm step.
          • Retreat requiting.
          • Automotive backtack at every start and stop during the pattern cycle.
            If shut off electricity, program would be kept in the computer.
          • Safety device: when an exception occurs, machine will stop automatically and the reason will be displayed on the screen.


          Machine Area

          Quilting Area

          Rotary Hook


          Stitch Length

          Max Rotate Speed


          Power Consumption



          Big Rotary Hook




          Single-phase 220v 50hz