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          China Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine,Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine Manufacturer
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          Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

          • Product Name:  Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine
          • Model NO.:  FX-V8
          • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
          • Packing:  Wooden Case
          • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
          • Product Details:  Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

          FOXSEW Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine for High-end Waterproof Garments, Clothes, and Shoes, etc...

          Working Video: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/hot-air-seam-sealing-machine-50.html


          1.Controlled by programmable PLC with HMI Soft-touch display, process can be modified according to users’ requirements

          2. Auto controllable temperature, highly stability, temperature vary between ± 1º C, the upper limit temperature with alarming device.

          3. Synchronous moving with up and down pressing wheel chain.

          4. To design controlling by feet at ease, suitable for long working according to physical Dynamics.

          5. Be possible of working 24 hours continuously and produce highly efficiently.

          6. Unique heated tube, unique wind machine supplying with wind, absolutely no water and oil.

          7. Auto slightly fading function.

          8. Different speed of upper and lower roller designed to ensure a better welding of elastic fabric as to avoid fabric ruffing

          9. Setting for upper and lower roller can be adjusted according to different fabric, and different workmanship.

          10. Large and strengthened zigzag-rule structure provides efficient and flexible working space.



          FX-V8 / FX-V8-S


          110V/220V 50/60HZ

          Rating Power


          Heat Control

          Room Temperature~700°C adjustable without bands


          2-18m/min (adjustable without band)

          Air Supply

          0.03~0.2Mpa (adjustable without bands, displayed by a pressure meter)

          Nozzle Width

          Standard Flat Nozzle 24mm

          Pressure of upper pinch roller

          0-0.2Mpa adjustable without bands (pressure meter display)

          Pinch roller Width

          Mill finish standard 25mm, optional for others such as steel wheels, meshwork wheels and concave wheels

          Packing Size

          1350x730x1900 mm


          170 kgs

          Prevention Against Jumping over sewing work

          There are adjustable devices to prevent the gun from jumping over the seamed sections when the gun is moving inward with the idle wheel starting, or when the gun moving outward with the idle wheel stopping