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          China Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine (Automatic Thread Trimming),Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine...
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          Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine (Automatic Thread Trimming)

          • Product Name:  Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine (Automatic Thread Trimming)
          • Model NO.:  FX720-356T
          • Origin:  Zhejiang,China
          • Packing:  Cartons
          • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
          • Product Details:  Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine (Automatic Thread Trimming)

          FOXSEW Direct Drive Small Cylinder Bed Interlock Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

          This machine is suitable for covering seams on all sorts of knitted goods, sports wears, applicable to hemming wide waist band of trousers, to hemming bottoms on T-shirts underwear and sports wear, also applicable to covering double-stitches w/o upper spreading on sportswear and jackets, special for sewing swimming suits, diving suits, and aerobic suits, mens' underwears, etc...

          Working Video 1: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/small-cylinder-bed-interlocking-machine-362.html

          Working Video 2: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/small-cylinder-bed-interlock-sewing-machine-361.html

          Working Video 3: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/high-speed-small-cylinder-bed-interlock-sewing-machine-with-automatic-thread-trimmer-478.html

          Working Video 4: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/small-cylinder-bed-interlock-sewing-machine-13.html

          Working Video 5: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/small-cylinder-bed-interlock-sewing-machine-with-auto-trimmer-1636.html

          The Electromagnetic Direct Driving Type Pressure Foot Left is going to be more sensitive and silent.“Horn Type” Regulating 

          fabric guider offers stable covering stitch.The adjustable hemming device iseasy to change and offer the hemming function. 

          The use of “Sealed Type” side cover solves the sidecover leaking problem In additional, the distance from side cover to 

          pressure foot is only 35mm.The special short cylinder design makes the operation more smoothly. The circumference of the

           182 mm small cylinder design makes it more convenient to sew small cylinder type of knit fabric.The looper thread take-up 

          is put in the front of body to clean the winding and make adjustment easily.The Flexible thread take-up eyelet holder offer 

          finer adjustment as to the looper thread tension and release.The “Regulating Lever Type” differential feeding mechanism 

          which could offer you the full differential feeding.The micro stitch length regulating lever which could adjust the stitch length 

          easily. The “One Piece Type” front cover makes it easy for your assemble and maintenance.