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          China Post Bed Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine,Post Bed Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine Ma...
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          Post Bed Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine

          • Product Name:  Post Bed Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine
          • Model NO.:  FX243-42D
          • Origin:  Zhejiang, China
          • Packing:  Wooden Case
          • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
          • Product Details:  Post Bed Heavy Duty Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine

          FOXSEW Heavy Duty Post Bed Thick Thread Walking Foot Triple Feed Ornamental Stitching Sewing Machine for Decorative Seaming on Leather sofa and Automotive Upholstery.
          Applications: Automotive Seats, Leather Upholstery, Automotive Interior Trims, Leather Sofa, Luxurious Leather Sofa, Fabric sofas, Leather Car Seat Cover, Soft Furniture, Tent, Armchair, Couch Lounge, Chair, Upholstered furniture, Leather Shoes, Saddles, Leather crafts, Marine upholstery, Aerospace upholstery, Leather bags and other high-level leather products.

          Working Video-1: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/heavy-duty-post-bed-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-sofa-and-leather-upholstery-970.html

          Working Video-2: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/post-bed-ornamental-stitching-machine-for-leather-sofa-and-fabric-upholstery-922.html

          Working Video-3: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/heavy-duty-post-bed-triple-feed-double-needle-lockstitch-sewing-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-leather-sofa-or-automotive-upholstery-376.html

          Working Video-4: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/heavy-duty-post-bed-walking-foot-lockstitch-sewing-machine-for-decorative-seams-on-leather-sofa-or-automotive-upholstery-377.html

          This machine is FOXSEW latest model for thick thread decoration stitching and ornamental stitching, used compound feed system, so the feeding is very strong and stable, the stitches is very beautiful and neatly. This machine can make about 300 different patterns, like T Type, X Type, mouth Type, Zigzag Type, E Type, and many other normal patterns which are widely used in leather sofa and automotive upholstery. This machine used Durkopp Adler 204 extra large shuttle hook, increase capacity of thread, reduce the changing time and improve the working efficiency. Thick thread can make high-end Luxury sofas and auto-upholstery.
          And this machine can be created new patterns on the panel very easily and conveniently. So this machine is for high-end Automotive Upholstery and Leather Sofa industry.


          Model NO.: FX243-42D
          Max Sewing Speed 300 r.p.m
          Max Stitch Length 14 mm (0-14mm)
          Sewing Patterns 298 Different Patterns
          Needle Bar Stroke 50.8 mm
          Needle Type DY x 3 27#
          Large Shuttle Hook KSP-204
          Presser Foot Lift 15 mm
          Needle Gauge 10-12 mm
          Working Space 420 x 335 mm
          Motor 750W Servo Motor