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          China Sewing Machine for Moccasins,Sewing Machine for Moccasins Manufacturer
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          Sewing Machine for Moccasins

          • Product Name:  Sewing Machine for Moccasins
          • Model NO.:  FX-747C
          • Origin:  Zhejiang,China
          • Packing:  Wooden Case
          • Brand Name:  FOXSEW
          • Product Details:  Sewing Machine for Moccasins

          FOXSEW Moccasin Stitching Machine for Shoes Upper and Toes Ornamental Patterns Sewing and Decorative Seaming.

          Working Video 1: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/sewing-machine-for-moccasins-60.html

          Working Video 2: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-sewing-machine-696.html

          Working Video 3: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasins-sewing-machine-64.html

          Working Video 4: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-stitching-sewing-machine-609.html

          Working Video 5: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-stitching-sewing-machine-697.html

          Working Video 6: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-stitching-ornamental-seaming-shoes-upper-sewing-machine-705.html

          Working Video 7: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-stitching-machine-for-shoe-head-seaming-706.html

          Working Video 8: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/moccasin-shoes-head-seaming-stitching-machine-707.html

          Working Video 9: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/shoes-upper-and-insole-stitching-machine-714.html

          Working Video 10: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/shoes-upper-and-sole-stitching-machine-715.html

          Working Video 11: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/shoes-upper-and-sole-seaming-stitching-machine-820.html

          Working Video 12: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/curved-needle-convertible-stitching-machine-to-join-upper-and-sole-with-channel-880.html

          Working Video 13: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/dancing-shoes-rubber-sole-stitching-machine-with-upper-881.html

          Working Video 14: www.hxhgtl.com/company-video/curved-needle-rubber-sole-stitching-machine-with-shoes-upper-879.html

          Characteristics: Application:for sew moccasins thread on the upper. After years of research and improvement, the machine of the hardware and software are already mature stable and convenient to maintain. All parts were manufactured by HAAS CNC machines, high precision machining parts. Through changing the ox horn or parts can sewing S/B/C and other six different help surface suture way. Presser foot and advanced needle agencies by pneumatic system to control realization. Adopt servo motor, speed can be flexible, stop the needle position by computer control.


          Sewing Speed

          Stepless Speed Regulating

          Stitch Length

          4-8 mm

          Sewing Thickness

          4 mm

          Sewing Thread

          Woven Wire (1-1.2)

          Sewing Needle

          DY-100 (200-300#)


          750W 220V Single-Phase 50/60HZ; 380V 3-Phase 50/60HZ

          Net/Gross Weight


          Packing Size

          103*88*160 CM